Friday, October 11, 2002

describe in a serious tone a way you might end up at a future you don't want.
i really don't want to end up in belleville. i don't reallywant to have to worry about financial problems. i want to do something i enjoy, not one that will make me miserable, even if it pays a little more money.i would have to think about what exactly i want before i make any decisions and i need to pick the perfect husband.not caring about my future would lead me to a bad life. i would have to change my non-responsibility quality and start being responsible in order to accomplish my goals.

Dercribe in a serious tona a way you would most want your future to turn out.
i would want my home to be in a nice city and i want a big house and a cute,rich ,nice, and funny husband. i want to have children and i want to have a really fun, easy job, one that doesnt take a lot of thinking. i would have to start looking for a husband so i get the perfect one.